2011 in the sky...

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2010 is over, it was an exponential year ! Twitter and Facebook, the most famous social networks around the world, have turned the friendly relations into screens and keyboards relations between men and women, too fast called « friends ».

2010 is over, it was an incredible year ! Earthquakes hit Haïti and its poor population, civil wars were so much présent in Africa. It rained over the wet people. But all is alright, USA, China and European Union went out of the economical crisis successfully.

2010 is over, it was a wonderful sports year ! World football champions 1998, the French, didn’t want to come down from the team bus. The doping increased again, and this in the majority of disciplines, Alberto Contador in the part of « the first victim ». Formula One is suspected of all sorts of cheating.

2010 is over, it was a year of confirmations ! Barack Obama is really the best president of all-time. The proof ? War in Iraq was continuing, terrorism killed more and more, and the world lived in unceasing fear of these guys who spread violence as much as bombs.

To sum up, we had lived in a friendly world, the most ever known. In a equal and happy world, the most ever known. The most ever known clean year in the world of sports, and above all, a truth world in 2010. The Earth has changed in the country of the pink rabbits this previous year !

The question is now : « Is it possible that 2011 will be better than the past one ? »

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