A Big Loss

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I'm sad... well not now but I was. Let me tell you what: It was last Saturday, I was surfing on the internet and I saw one shocking news: Sydney Lumet died on lymphoma this Saturday at the age of 86. “Who ?” will you tell me, and I will answer you “it's just one of the greatest and talented movie maker of Hollywood”. And sadly no one will talk about it, only the cinema magazines or in forums of fans. And I think that's it's too bad, this guy deserved to be famous.

This man was a genius of direction in his films, he wrote some great scenarios (thanks to one of his film Vin Diesel looked intelligent), and has worked with some of the greatest actors of this industry (Al Pacino, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Eddie Murphy...). Even the committee of the Oscar has recognize his talent by giving him in 2005 an Oscar for Lifetime Achievement.

More than his death, it's the end of a generation of directors. He was one of the oldest directors in this business, ha was the representative of directors who thought about their direction in their movies, who wrote good scenarios which forced the viewer to think about it, to sum up, it's the end of an generation which cared about their movies.

To conclude let me give you some of his best movies and advice you to see them:

12 Angry Men

The Hill


Dog Day Afternoon



of the City

Find Me


Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

RIP Sydney Lumet




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