A wedding can hide another...

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I am a medium and I know that something huge is going to happen and upset the United Kingdom, South Africa and France. I dreamt about it last night...


I give you a clue : that is about weddings but real special weddings. On the one hand,the last kind of that wedding occured on July 29th of 1981 at Saint-Paul of London where Lady Diana and Prince Charles got married.

Don't you still understand? A princely wedding is on the road.

Indeed, Kate Middleton is going to marry Prince William, as she asked him and he said yes !

And don't be fool, if British are so excited, the fact is that April 29th is going to be a legal holiday! Princely weddings are not that important nowadays...

Be careful, a princely wedding can hide another.

Here it is the second scoop...another princely wedding one thousand kilometer South direction.

Charlene Wittstock, an ex olympic swimmer of South-Africa and Prince Albert of Monaco are going to be married July 2nd and 3rd.


2011 will be the Year with a touch of happiness whereas 2010 for European countries. They will celebrate two important ceremonies and appreciate this return to the traditions.


Délia Dupouy

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