All is quiet on new year's day

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« All is quiet, on new year's day »

U2: New year's day


I had a dream... Next year won't be like the previous...


Well I guess... I mean dreams are dreams, and it doesn't mean it's really going to happen. If dreams could become real, I'd already be a millionnaire, have top-model wife and a big mansion. I don't have the cockiness to say that I'm a claivoyant, and neither have I the power to went go forwards on time.All I can say is that 2011 will not be like the previous year just because 2011 is not 2010.

And it's better ! With all the things that happened last year... 2010 was the year of several natural disaster, it could be the year when there were the most of these. And all we can do is hopping (or praying if you are religious) tht it will not be the same this year.

And that's my point ! You can hope all you want, pray all you want, that will not change a bit if something must happen. The world will not wait for you. And don't yell at me « 2010 wasn't so bad ! » good for you, but personally I'm happy to skip to a New Year.

Finally I don't like the first days of a New Year. These are the day of Hipocrisy. Everybody smiles, is nice to each other and pretend that everything's fine.

Personally if you want me to have a good year, you have to wish that Chris Jericho will return to wrestle this year, that Blink-182 release their new album and that I will finally get the all the money I dream.

And of course...




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