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 love commando


In India, in face to the increase in the number of the honour killings in the country, lovers

have a new hope and protection with the « love commandos », a formal organization. Now

they are 2000 volunteers workers in the country and they have only one mission : save the

lovers' lives


     Every year, in India, there are 1000 honour killings. Young lovers risk their lifes, because

theirs families don't accept their relation ships with someone of an other religion or caste.

Officially, castes don't exist any more. But in the indian lifestyle it's another story.

Especially in the North of India which is still very rural : 90 % of these honour killings take place

there. The victims are mostly women, because they represent the family's reputation.


Love commandos rescue lovers


     So to fight this injustice, Sanjay Sachdev created in July, 2010, the « love commandos ».

Today, it's a real volunteer force who is working night and day. They help lovers to hide themself

from their families. The Love Commandos’ telephones ring all day long.

We are in 2011 and dying because of the love is intolerable !! Every day conflicts break out

worldwide, natural disasters go on every month, and people dying every hour. So today let us

speak about these men and women who fight every day « in the name of love ».



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