Beatles In Itunes With Success

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We know that a long and sinuous negotiation took place. Will Apple who via Itunes detains 90 % of the sales of on-line music finally have the directory of the biggest pop group of every time in its catalog?



Let it be... Avaible.


Yesterday is no more current events except for on Itunes. Yesterday is past, today the Beatles settle down on Itunes. Invited by the giant, the titles of « Four boys in the Wind » will be henceforth on on-line sales. The fans who regretted they could not listen to tubes on Deezer (the site of on-line music proposed only cover by the other artists), can henceforth buy their original and favourite titles and have it on their music library ?

The fans of the group can get themselves songs for 1,29 ; the albums studio individually for 12,99 €, or still buy the casket of all the albums for 149 €.


Come together... finally !


The music world looked forward to knowing if Apple would finally manage to make the holders of the rights bend of the Beatles. Those refused until now that the music of Fab Four is available in digital sales.

It is necessary to say that the relations between the British group and the Californian company were never simple. In 1978, Beatles, which had created the Apple Corps company in 1968 to manage their copyright, had attacked Apple for violation of the right of the marks. It is only in 2007 that the pursuits stopped definitively and that Apple saw recognizing the right to exploit entirely her mark. The analysts estimate at more than 50 million dollars them let us be paid by Apple Computer to Apple Corps, over the years.



" It is fantastic to see that the songs which we had taken out on vinyl are going to receive the same love in the digital world which they had received the first time ", declared Paul McCartney



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