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December is coming now, Christmas time is here ! All over the world, this is THE celebrated event. How can we spend good times according to our country's customs ?


Let's start with an enlighted country : Australia. Indeed, for the majority of the australians, Christmas time means SUN, SURF and SHOPPING . Moreover, for the students, this is the summer holidays : NO HOMEWORK , just have FUN.

Topper, China. Still the same cheerful ambiance, despite they're not Christians (they don't have the same connotation of this event). Chinese people light their house with beautiful papers lanterns, and decorate the « Tree of Light » with paper chains, paper flowers, and paper lanterns.

Funny : in India, you can find houses decorated with bananas and mangos.

Have a look now at the USA : after Thanks Giving with the famous turkey, let's give away to the President's cake (old recipe since Abraham Lincoln) ! Of course, when you come accross the streets, you'll have the pleasure to hear these famous songs « Jingle Bells », while you admire the windows, don't forget to go out very dressed because of the cold, like Canada.

It freezes in Canada !! In the little house lost in the snowed forest, savour the turkey, tourti,( a layer of potatoes , onions and meat).

Then, Bresilians keep their image : parties rule. Totally crazy : Saint Nicolas disembarks from an helicopter into the Maracana stadium to celebrate his arrival toward the Christians.

Into the old continent, where the religion is deeply rooted, the celebration of Jesus' birth is also celebrated, with family, Saint Nicolas bring presents for children. In Greece, housewifes are used to put their hands into the bread to show Jesus' track.

Each country has his own private way to celebrate the arrival of Jesus, that's why Christmas time remains years after years a good way to the family links to be remembered.




Jenny & Lisa

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