Christmas in October!

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Have you already begun your preparations for Christmas? Have you the small Advent calendars for the children? Hey yes, we are already in preparation because we like this family celebration!


The search for the perfect Christmas' present is made, as every year, from the opening of the precedent. Hey yes, purchases are made all year round for this celebration so religious! The key period stays in October, stores filling with diverse objects which will satisfy child and adults. The top 3: the wii of nintendo, the miniature animals (pets) and all the products of Apple.

Concerning the decorations, it is necessary to set the tone festivities. The society is depressed upon the arrival of the autumn. The illuminations flourish to restore the smile. Shops lead their advertising campaign earlier and earlier to convince each other to buy their products and present, Christmas season is generating too much money !

But what do these purchases of presents, decorations and the other Christmas trees so early hide? The purchasing power of the households in the decline, the end of the month makes hard, and so, the consumers spread their purchases over the months preceding December, the 25th.

The society is also afraid of taking itself by surprise, and the more purchases are quickly made, the better it will be.

In fact Christmas would be celebrated in October it will be the same! What about you ?

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