«  Disagreement, Contestation, Uprising »

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«  Disagreement, Contestation, Uprising »

Three words that have a direct link.

First, if we look for the cause, Disagreement  answers: «  Attending! »

Then, if we look for the consequence, Contestation says: « It's me! »

Finally, if we look for the result, Uprising declares: « Iwas born! »


Nowadays, all around the world, we can notice that there are many disagreements, that are the causes of a lot of contestations, leading to uprising that is the cause of too many victims. As a result of many contestations in Tunisia, where a Franco- German journalist died. According the international federation of Human Rights League there are up to seventy victims.


But, in other part, it is sometimes pleasant to be born in France, because these three words are not in the vocabulary of all the other countries!

To disagree, to contest and show what we think should be in The Civil Rights for everybody. Even if it often leads to death.

For example, in China, where the government doesn't leave Chinese to demonstrate, what they feel concerning their way of life. And the censure of news from the other lands, like at this time, about the information linked with Egypt and the Hosni Moubarak's regime.


To contest is not a bad thing. But, it's the way to contest, that could be it.

Uprising is not the better solution, but it is sometimes incontrovertible.

And the disagreement is in the Human nature. The satisfied Man doesn't exist. French are the main example of that.





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