Do you know Boxing Day ?

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Do you know boxing day ? No ? It's normal. Boxing Day is the day after Christmas when people exchange presents given to them. Indeed it's the moment when troc replace late purchases. To resume you got an awful pull from you grandma, you don't like it (of course) and you want a brand new cd. What a chance! Your friend just got a CD he already have! So you exchange it against your « beautiful » (well... that's what your friend told...).

But when we talk about sport there's no Boxing Day. No rest for the sportsmen...



On the contrary during Boxing Day, multiple sports events take place. And no, there's no boxing encounter on the Boxing Day ( Stunning isn't it ?). But boxing's amateurs will find consolation tanks to the premier league and one of its biggest matches: Chelsea-Arsenal. A match that every football afficionados dreams, even now three weeks before. There's no doubt that this match will win the ratings war this day. Currently Chelsea (2nd) is one rank above Arsenal (3rd) but the gap between them is very short. Actually they have the same number of points, but nothing is done yet. Manchester United could lose a match before the 26th, December. So the clash between the two Londoner club would be followed very close. The victorious club of this encounter will become leader of the Premier League. This will the clash of the Boxing Day.



Football haters, we heard you! And know that other sports are played on this day. Indeed Boxing Day is also the day for traditional English sports such as hunting with dogs... Not the same isn't it ?


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