Dream brother...

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2010 will not certainly stay in reports : natural disasters, crisis, pension reform, football World Cup... 12 months of frustration and punishment. What could we make not to reproduce the same errors? We are going to try, as in a dream, to change things for a healthier and happier future.




In Politics, It does not well make president of a state: Obama became fascist with his reform of the health and Sarkozy, a deaf person in front of a new French revolution for the pensions. I saw solutions for them, especially for one of them : to be most popular, the American one, can let die every which have no access to healthcare ; it doesn't matter, they represent generally only ethnic minorities. For sarkozy, it is more complicated. The most appropriate would be that it resigns from a presidential function which escapes from him : But let us not dream too much, 2011 will change nothing from the French politics : we expect deeply for 2012...


In Sports, or the African nightmare of the French football players during the summer : shame on you guys! Even in dream, there is no solution for you. But good news, there will not be an international cup in 2011. Phew!


2010 was for a lot of people only a bad dream, a year of desilusion : « Let us hope that this year will be more joyful: without war, without rape, without hostage taking, without financial crisis, without hurricane » : a message of hope from Miss Cassoulet-Figeac who wishes you all a happy New Year 2011.

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