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What goes through your brain when you hear "Christmas" (Xmas)? 

Some people answer "Santa Claus", others say "gift" or "turkey with chesnuts"... Personally, Christmas rhymes with warmth, cocoa, tinsel and snow. It's one of my favourite moments, thus I can say that I love Christmas.

Why? There are so many reasons explaining feelings I could have about this event, but the first is Xmas is the time of the year when you can express your happiness. The time of the year when you can feel love around you, where everybody sings together "Jingle Bells" or "We wish you a Merry Christmas"...




Everybody should be happy for Christmas, unfortunately it's not the truth. Some people are crying, suffering from the loss of a beloved person; others feel alone, or they can't afford to celebrate it with dignity.

So, remember of it when you celebrate Christmaswith your family and friends, please forgive, just for a day, mistakes of the previous year. Take care of the others, to make Christmas the celebration everybody is on right to hope.


BBNews Team and myself wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! :)


Uncle Ben l'Oncle Soul.

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