Fashion and Christmas

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                                               Merry Christmas!!!



     You want to be trendy??!! Here is some information which deals with the 2010 fashion !!



     This winter will be very cold. So you have to wear warm clothes!!

So each winter gloves, mitten and scarf are the main product for Christmas. Indeed, this winter you can wear these product to be trendy!!! So red and white are the principal colors of this winter as usual!!

Concerning jackets, this Christmas won't be original: there isn't inovation except with a grayed color!!!!

This winter, the innovate product is the leopard color and spangle for jackets or pants.

Other trend, vintage accessories come back!!! You want a rich look you have to adopt this accessories!!!!

Last inevitable product: the boot! Every year, the boot is the product which know the most important change!! This year, fur boot is the most bought product!!!!


     We can't talk about Christmas without talking of gifts!!!

So, here is a classification of the most popular gifts for this Christmas: the innevitable Chocolate, game consoles for kids and teenagers, and jackets for adult.

We can say that high-tech products ( camera...) stand the other main products shown previously!!


      Let's see now the Christmas' decoration!!!!


Christmas is an occasion for some people to put just a little enjoyment and cheerfulness in their house.


Some, grant it no importance and the others do a lot. In fact, in the United States for exemple, there is a challenge for the poulation. They must decorate their houses and a jury chooses who will be the winner. This fashion has arrived in France a short time ago. Television presented us, a man who decided to stop to go in holidays in order to save for his decorations.


Globally, we can see some decorated houses because of Christmas effect is a culture all over the world.The houses's walls are decorated with electric garlands and the gardens are invaded by dwarfs etc... Inside, we can find fir trees in all the houses, decorated with Christmas balls without forgetting the famous presents at the fir tree's feet...



To conclude, Christmas is a period  very magic!!! There are a lot of gifts and enjoyment!!!!




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