Globalised precarity

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Poverty, suicide, drugs, murders...all these words forms part of our society.  Each day there is a crime happening all over the world.


There may be different reasons associated with those societal problems. People tend to do anything to earn a living even selling drugs or being involved in prostitutions.  According to the Guardian : « Charities warn problem of 'visible homelessness' will resurface as councils prepare to cut Supporting People funding ». Futhermore, the coalition government is presiding over a social disaster as funds that helped support people into housing are cut by councils.


A drastic increase in social precarity


The word precarity has no precise definition. Due to the economic crisis happening mainly all over the world, poor people are becoming poorer and their standard of living are greatly falling. People suffering from precarity mais become marginalised ones later.  Precarity is not about lack of ressources only.  It is also a lack of decision making or a lack of ressources. 


Karl Marx once said : «My work would be a free manisfestion of life, hence an enjoyment of life. Presupposing private property, my work is an alienation of life, for I work in order to live, in order to obtain for myself the means of life. My work is not my life. (Marx, 1844/a: 228)


How to prevent precarity from spreading? Should we do nothing and wait that the crisis is over? Well education is known to be the only root to succes. So people all around the world should be given proper education in order to know how to handle and manage severe crisis.



                                                                                                                                 Pahminee Guddoy

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