Good morning, it's the end of the world

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Earthquakes, tsunamis, war, revolutions... Heat in the air these days. As usual, the mankind is going to be doomed if no one does anything. We know exactly how it will end, even if we don't want to say it. Nothing will change, and you know it. Well, at least, Japan will be rebuild, one day... or it will end like the Atlantide, we hope not of course! War in the middle-east, which is quite redundant, opressed people seems to finally responds to their leaders, and of course you can agree with this, you can see hope to a peaceful world... It's true and normal, before those revolutions, we had, for example, on one hand the leader who says to his people « What do you think about my politic? » and the people responds « Well I think... » and just before the answer, the leader says « IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! ». It's a picture, but a true picture.


And as I said before, we know clearly that nothing will change, or at least, not before the years go by... By the way, how's the temperature in Iraq since Saddam Hussein is dead? No need to answer. Then let's talk about this tragedy in Japan. In front of such a catastrophy, (almost) the whole world unite as one to help the Japan. We see donations, tributes, messages... But in the end, it will not erase the few 300 Billions bill to rebuild one of the greatest nation in the world. Of course in our hearts, for the less selfish of ourselves, we're cheering Japan, but we're more spectators than actors. When you're watching news flash on TV, and you're like « Holy sh... » but you'd have the same reaction if you were watching Sucker Punch (With that said, for different reasons, but it's not the subject). So it is said, the end of the world has come, live on TV!



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