Health needs a regime

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Egypt's former president, Hosni Mubarak was hospitalized Tuesday's night while he was questionned over corruption, the squandering of public funds, and the abuse of authority for personal gain.


Indeed, at the age of eighty-two old, he had a heart attack.


Hosni Mubarak brought down the regime in February 11th but he was straight away in detention.

A few hours after Mubarak was hospitalized with heart problems in Sharm el-Sheikh, there was an announcement about his two sons named Gamal and Alaa. They also both have to give explanations about allegations to a local court by prosecutors from Cairo. They are their father's accomplice.


Concerning the health of the ex-leader president, there is no immediate danger.


Besides, justice minister Mohammed el-Guindi revealed that he is still being questionned from his hospital's bed.


We remained that sons and father are especially pursuived for having killed around 800 demonstrators and hurt thousand others.




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