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We often think that the celebrities wear animals not in their heart but in their clothes. Nevertheless a lot of them defend them.





Many stars are engaged with PETA, here Nathalie Imbruglia



     A lot of means are set up to save our friends on all furs. Celebrities do not hesitate to do naked photos, the others if intasemment investment in associations. The most influential as Bono, the singer of the group U2 even speak with leaders of state to revisit the animals' law.

In full Fashion Week, Natalie Imbruglia registered an audio presentation on a video of nightmare where we see animals tortured by the traps of the poachers, the others are tormented.

Pop superstar Leona Lewis has said she'd pose nude for Animal Rights charity PETA in a stance against fashion designers that use fur.

    The star, who won the X Factor in 2006 says she'd strip for the charity - providing it was classy.

In France, let us remind that Brigitte Bardot has protected for a long time the rights of animals and militates for the preservation of various species worldwide.

One more time the scandal gets the ex-spice chorus girl. The singer reconverted to fashion designer, is not any more the target of the fan of pop music but of the PETA...


    PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, association for an ethical treatment of animals, has for objective to make recognize and to protect the rights of all the animals.

Its politicy is based on a simple principle: animals do not belong to us ; we have no right to have them, whether it is for our food, our clothing, our leisure activities or our scientific experiments. Various actions are led by this body. For example, naked women take up Parisian podium during the Fashion Week. Or still, red can of paint are regularly cast on women dressed in fur. Aimed by the activists of the rights of animals, those this threaten to dip the star into some blood of lizard. And for cause the line of accessories of the brand constitutes of handbag in skin of reptile : lizards or core crocodile. It would be the movement the most controverted by the body.

    Recently, a Victoria's spokesman said : "Everyone is entitled to personal opinion and choice, but as with all Victoria Beckham products, the handbags are made to the highest quality and design. These skins sit strictly within the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) regulations, and are monitored at every step of production. The skins are farmed in America under very tight guidelines."


    PETA is not in its first famous target. The association previously bombarded the editor to US Vogue, Anna Wintour, with some tofu and cast a racoon died in its bowl of soup. The lady had refused to stop wearing fur. You should not provoke them... However for Victoria, the group declared that it would use some false blood and feet of plastic crocodile. They should not all the same be accused of cruelty...



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