I Had a dream ...

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I had a dream... next year wan't be likethe previous.


In my dream, the French football is stronger than it's european neighbours. In our championship, Lyon, Marseille, PSG ant Lille are the locomotive. But in the end (and it's my heart who speak now), Olympique Lyonnais lift the trophy at the end of the season.


In Spain, the world champion's country, Barcelona and Real Madrid are alone in the world. The second clasico between this two giants, in Santiago Bernabeu, is the game of the century. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are not any more players, they are aliens of football.


In England, the cradle of football, the suspens carry on the last game, and it's the most french team of English championship who win the premier league: Arsenal. Samir Nasri become the best player of this season in England, and Patrice Evra announce his international retreat.


In Italy, Juventus reconquer the Serie A, three years after his relegation for a deceit affair. Jonathan Biabiany, the young French player of Inter Milan become indispensable.


And in my dream, Olympique Lyonnais carry out an amazing course.Elimination of Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern Munich for a revenge to last year, and for the final, un game against FC Barcelone.


Unfortunately, my dream has stopped at the beginning of this game.

If this dream become reality, I stop my journalist's formation. I become a medium.

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