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Since Fukushima's nuclear disaster, the scare of another one Tchernobyl hangs the world. So, a lot of people want the end of all nuclear power station.


For our security and our health, it's a good idea. Over the scare of a nuclear fusion or a nuclear explosion, over cancers after radiation and foods contamination. Some politicians too, want the end of the nuclear. It's a nice project, it's like a dream. But it's a dream !

Stop the nuclear... ok. But what for ?

For the solar energy ? This technology is expensive. Swindlings gives a bad reputation to this field. And sometimes, it's forbiden around a scheduled building.

And the wind power ? Again contestation. Either the noise put out, or wind machines have any harmony in the view.


Really... it's easy to say « no ! ». Give solutions with arguments for the contestation are important, but it's never done.,1020,1351174,00.jpg


Anaïs Dupouy.

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