Ireland, the new economic abyss of Eurozone

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In the past, the Eurozone was powerful when euro defeat dollar. But today, the Eurozone make a succession of economic crisis. She scares the business and economic world.

A new economic crisis threatens the European Union. After Greece, now, it's time to Ireland to know an important economic crisis whereas eurozone didn't consider Ireland like a frail country.
Ireland has the biggest deficit of the 16 Eurozone. It's around 32% of the gross domestic product and they have 13% of unemployment. Their banking system is doomed to faillure, but Lenihan thinks the Irish's banking system have any difficult.
Maybe Lenihan looks the other way but the 16 eurozone countries are fretting. The rest of the world too.


There are some difficulties in this rescue plan : which countries want help Ireland? And especially which can do that?

For the President of the European Union, Mr. Van Rompuy, the future of Euro zone depends on the traitment of this case : « if we don't survive with the euro zone, we'll not survive with the E.U ». So Europe has no choice.

Last Tuesday, the leaders of the Euro zone concluded for 80 billion dollars of bailout. Germany hesitates to give money after Greece and Portugal's episode : « We want a coherent plan because we cannot throw money from helicopters » said Angela Merkel.

Finally, England could be the special guest proposing to finance the rescue plan.


E.U is crossing a hard financial crisis which moves the functioning institutions in Europe. All the experts say they have to strengthen their power, for a best reactivity in time of crisis. All this to make durable the economic future of E.U in the world.


C.Z. & Anaïs Dupouy

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