Just one dream

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                                        Just one dream                                                             






Because of natural disasters, 2010 was the most murderous and expensive year since 1983. Indeed


950 God acts were recording since January, the First 2010 : the death toll is 295 000 deads and 130 billions


were lost with these tragic events.


At the top of the disasters : Haïti with 222 570 deads and 8 billions for the damages. This seism was


one of the most important of this century. Evidently we can't forget the eathquake in Chile and in China, the


murderous fire in Russia and the series of floods in Pakinstan. But 2010 was also a grevious year for funds.


Bp oil disaster costs 222 billions to the economy.


There's no point of enumerating the disasters. The number doesn't count, the damages speak themself


. So I stop listing. I had a dream, next year won't be like the previous... A year without naturals disasters,


without murderous events. Because the man makes himself enough damages, with wars , mass murders,


terrorism and so on. Just one year, I hope a little bit of grace, people are so weakened and desperate. So


please, I don't know what to do aside praying. Humans need Hope.


Life is so hard today, dreams left and horrors come. I'm not a great believer, I'm not a great optimist


but today I'm dreaming for the first time.



Charlotte Camoin

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