Little foal

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  Do you belong to these people who think that you can know someone in some lines ? I don't. Impossible to describe myself. However, you can read Beigbeder, watch Lachapelle's pictures and admire Egon Schiele's paintings, and maybe you'll foreshadow Jenny. We're just the result of influences in our world. Broading my horizons, I'd like to share experiences and open my mind to the world by the journalism sphere. Feed you with masterpieces !


Jenny Sanchis.

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Redaction EJC 07/12/2010 13:35


Jenny 01/12/2010 16:58

Who is telling me these nice things ?!?

MS 06/11/2010 11:55

Pretty good blog!! Hope you will experiment all you wish in your life, trips, arts, communication, people's life, everything seems a source of interest and that's great! Wish you the best!
MS (who the hell can this be?!.. think, look around you, very close to you, no, closer!.. I said closer!!)....