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maison New jersey You might think there's no link between environnement and...Christmas! Well, the truth is, in actual situation, people try to look for solutions to preserve the earth even during the end of year celebrations.

Chistmas period is about to start. Parents are begining to buy gifts and trees for their family, and we can see, traditions are still there: socks, tinsels, trees...

Here is the problem. Traditions and gifts are not always good to the environnement. Think about papers, electricity... This may be an issue.

The first true solution was the plastic tree. People taught that it would dicrease deforestation. Everybody taught that actually.

Unfortunatelly, a survey revealed that,by choosing a plastic Christmas tree, you could be decking your halls with gas and carbon, whereas natural trees can also be recyled through green waste collections. Moreover, artificial trees usually end up in landfill.

Another problem concerning Christmas is the consummation of electricity. If you take the tinels example, the consommation during Christmas is huge: in houses, in the streets, in the stores windows... Most of the time, those are not lighted off. To solve this problem, people should simply turn the crap off during the night...

One other big Christmas issue is the use of the wrapping paper. During Christmas period, gifts are everywhere! It can be true gifts, or fake gifts, even decorating gifts. Those need paper of course...

If you can't reduce your paper consummation, a good solution would be to recycle your paper every year.

Even thougt Christmas is an important celebration, it is kind of harmful and dangerous. People should change their habits quickly.


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