NFL: what's that?

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       The National Football Ligue, NFL, is the best football's level in the United States of America. Most of the American people think that American footbal is the main sport in the USA, because they considere that the beginning of "Sport business" is born with Superbowl, in 1966.

First, NFL was the  American Professional Football Association (1920). Then, two division appear: the American Football Conference (AFC), and the National Football Conference (NFC).

The regular season is a seventeen-week schedule during each team plays sixteen games.The season begin in September and finish with the Superbowl in February.


           * Teams of AFC


San Diego/ Oakland/ Kansas City/ Denvers/ Tennesse/ Jacksonville/ Indiannapolis/ Houston/ Pittsburg/ Cleveland/ Cincinnati/ Baltimore/ New-York/ New-England/ Miami/ Buffalo.


           * Teams of NFC


Dallas/ New-York/ Philadelphie/ Washington/ Chicago/ Detroit/ Green Bay/ Minnesota/ Atlanta/ Carolina/ New-Orleans/ Tampa-Bay/ Arizona/ Saint-louis/ San Francisco/ Seattle.



 News in the NFL





 The famous quaterback Vince Young (Titans Tenessee), is injured! During the game, he hurt his knee because of a big tackle. So the doctor can't say now if the injury is serious or not. The team is very disapointed because of this loss.





         In the same way, the famous quaterback Tom Brady broke, one more time, his luxury car. It's the second time!!!



The" game of the week


       Jacksonville against Tennessee: Tennesse won with an humiliating score (30-3). Even if they loose their quaterback number one, the team won thanks to the fury!!!



 "The" game of the next week



       The game to see next week is Baltimore against Buffalo: why this game? Just because of the both rosters. There are a lot of famous players as Terell Owen for Buffalo or Ray Lewis for Baltimore.






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