No lunch break for the workers of Singapor’s stock exchange

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While in all of firms take a lunch break is a right for the workers in the region of Singapor it’s not the case.

 In fact, in Singapor ‘s stock market management decided to stop this final moment that all people wait and claim a new directive which will star in March.

Currently, the stock exchange operates a lunch break between 12.30 and 2mp however the workers will work more and more this measure is a way to the firm to confront to the free play of competition

It’s  particularly  , to compete with nearest neighbor: Asian wich have a important production than more humans laws allow it.

Singapor’s stock market hopes that loss of free times will create exchange increasingly. So, SGX will keep a comfortable place knowing that alongtime ago this firm was the first stock market.

Today ,for the moment it’s the second place which is this seat after Hong Kong .

Thus new mechanism induce many changes and new outlook, in particular investors Pan Asian a way to answer somes new requests.

 Singapor is not the only firm which reduces social laws to contain the part of stocks for exemple recently the stock exchange of Tokyo announced a reduction of lunch break between 30 min and 1pm a decision which does’nt make people very happy. 



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