Obama's new best friend

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John Boehner will become, next January, the new president of the American House of Representatives.What do we know about him? He loves cigarets and golf and he is seen as the strongman of the Republican camp. For the Democrats he is a « lazy » and « retrograde » person but he will be the third important man of the United States after Barack Obama and the vice president Joe Biden.John Boehner has a strong temper, he is known for his « sarcastic mind » and « his tendency to lose one's temper ».

Elected representative from Ohio, specialized in Education and social services, he has got a reputation for being a man of consensus.

In fact, John Boehner is considered as a clever strategist.He knew to draw his hand to the Tea Party, who is responsible of the reversal of the opinion against Barack Obama, during the Midterms.Besides John Boehner, henceforth, in a strength position, could stop the reform bill of the White House.Otherwise the cohabitation between Barack Obama and John Boehner turn out to be tense.First the communication between the two men is not very well.Then, they have different ways of thinking, as well as different politic plans.

Finally, Boehner hopes that they will find a compromise with Obama to work together, in better conditions, but Obama doesn't seem enthusiastic to collaborate with him, in an imminent future.


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