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Since 1998, every French person has a dream. Football French team must back the « World Cup ».

Nobody has forgotten this stately moment. Didier Deschamps, the French captain, who raises the Cup. We were the best team in the world.


Nowadays, this French team is not considered as a great club. People ,who are passioned for football, are shocked and nervous to see this decadence. For one year, we can compare the situation as a « descent into hell ».

We are French, so we accuse, we denounce, we are keen but no one looks for solutions. The problem is in front of us. Many men who are important, intelligent, with qualifications sit at the football French federation. They don't know football !

We can hope that next year won't be like the previous. It's aberrant to see people who earn millions and who refused to train, to play because they didn't agree with their coach. They hadn't respect the shirt and people who supported them. We saw the federation unable to supervise these young players. It's unacceptable.

France was outraged by these acts.


Beyond football French honor which sullied, every sport French were hit.

Today, we must rebuilt our team and believe at a new French team.




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