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Reform's pensions abroad After the debate on the Rom's policy, France hits the headlines again through the world about reform's pensions. Yesterday was the sixth day of national demonstration. Pupils were on the streets as highschools were blocked, shouting their anger and stand by « CGT » and teachers. Truckers also joined them and blocked oil refineries in the whole country. Right now, the movement still goes on but what does international press really think about France?   Actually, press argues about it and opinions are divided: The Wall Street Newspaper explains that demonstration are « so French » and according to them, France need to face up with the truth. To The New York Daily News opinion, (which published reader's thoughts) they expose the fact that French employees are spoilt and have to work instead of snivelling. Despise huge contestings, other rare medias see demonstrations in a different way than majority. The economist gets a largest vision of French troubles. The newspaper explains that this is a general revolt, in front of French policy's wall, scandals and especially Nicolas Sarkozy, the president. An opinion shared by a New-york times' reader who claims « Vive la France », since this country is not yet corrupted by money and then employes dare talking. Even well-known writers like the british Stephen Clarke in his books, repeats after « pétanque » the national sport in France is going on strike. Then, the French population might be aware of their rights as this is their country in Europe where people profit of the healthiest work's conditions. This leads to the conclusion, that French frontage is disparaged whatever opinion but French population's strenght is also seen as an advantage for others so now the question is : What's next ?


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