Strokes' return

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This march 21th was a sacred day for lot's of people around the world. Indeed it was the release of the strokes' 4th album : « Angles ». By the past they have revolutionized the rock industry with their precedent album. But the pleasure is ambivalent, in fact since his 3th album Julian Casablancas, charismatic leader of the strokes, moved away from his friends because of an incomprehension and an alcoholic problem. So Julian Casablancas maked a solo album heading « Phrazes for the young ». After one year of silence the group just announced the record but we doesn't know if it was an new album or bluff considering bad relation enter different member of the group.They keeped the secret until the release.They were strongly criticize by specialist with the idea that the group don't exist anymore. But in spite of all rumour the album is consistent and for the first time wear stamps of all the members of the group, for example the title « taken for a fool » written by Nick Valensi the guitarist. In consequence, against the wait « Angles » disappointed us litteraly but we recognize the Strokes aren't over.


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