The dream of 2010 is becoming a nightmare in 2011

Publié le par Ecole de Journalisme et Communication de Blagnac

            The year that is coming doesn't reassure me for the future. 2011 promises a collapse of our  level of life. Because of this end near to us it's impossible for me dreaming about something great in our society. Maybe I am part of these French people who are pessimistic,I say that because of the survey that was realised and which says that we are champions of  pessimism. Simultaneously  with all that we heard on the television, on the radio or on internet about the year 2011, it's difficult to think world is gonna to change. Indeed I think some things will change, it's certainly , but not on track. Oil price will  increase in France, I know,  unenployment too. And it is not only in France where problems accumulate, in the United States,country previously adored and famous thanks to his "American Dream". Even if it is Obama who has declared war on  inequality, it is  yet  they  seem  to  win. This year doesn't seem happy to me, and there's no only me who say that, many politicians announce a very difficult year for everyone. I consider we aren't in a dream but in a real nightmare from which we can not see the end. But there is more pessimist than me, fortunately, for example the people who believed in the Apocalypse on December 2012. This makes me laugh...but I don't juge, those who want to believe it can. To finish  with a hint of optimism, hope that by 2012 the crisis will be over, and waiting good year 2011!!!!

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