The UK box office

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boxofficeAnimated comedy "Despicable Me" has debuted at the top of the UK box office. The film took £3.6m in tickets sales. In a charming residential area, lives Gru, a miserable naughty boy. Helped by his underlings and heavily armed, he plans to pluck the moon from out of the sky. But one day, he meets three little girls who take him for their father...

The Social Network, which tells the story of how Facebook began, entered in second place with taking of £2.4m. However, it's been widely remarked that the Social Network isn't about social networking but about the genesis of any kind of empire.

Vampires Suck takes the third place. It's the lastest parody from Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the writer-directors of Date Movie, Meet the Spartans and other comedy which avoid doing thinking. A spoof of the first two Twilight films which saved neither the teen loves nor the anguish of the teenagers. "Bella" got "Becca" to stand in for her, she will have to choose between a vampire and a "little gay brother". Its release in the French cinemas is planned for the November the 24th, 2010. Which success will have it?

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