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The blasts are constantly challenged to raise the Arab world. While in Algeria, Egypt or Bahrain population

catches fire, the rest of the world continues its wild ride. Of course we can not influence the countries that need to make their revolution. And when the oppressed are fighting for their rights to be heard and seen, people who have already made their rebellion for centuries face their troubles. Trivial you think? Maybe, but it nevertheless remains that step by step, the world is making good progress.


Athletes for exemple have a very heavy news. There are those who flounder and those who hang up ... The first is David Beckham. The darling of England would again be engaged with justice and a young prostitute ... Soon father for the fourth time the hunk was certainly bored. In any case our second athlete of the week will soon have all his spare time to indulge in extras ... Brazilian footballer Ronaldo has reportedly announced his retirement! Maybe it is our duty to suggest some ideas to fill the long days ... First, why not continue to jogging and in the afternoon, a stroll at the “Salon de l'Agriculture”? Indeed he could meet there Jacques Chirac. Former French President went for a walk among the ranchers and farmers... Or else why don't we he think about a professionnal retraining? And what about movies industry? Cinema is honored in France this week. The exceptional producer Quentin Tarantino will receive a "Cesar" for his entire career. While rumors whispers that the actress Melanie Laurent would undertake this task, it is apparent that it would be Diane Kruger and Christoph Waltz. However, we do not recommend to Ronaldo to take a vacation in Australia. The country was recently devastated by a cyclone. Cons by Texas could be a good destination! American justice was executed murderer Timothy Adam. This is the second killing since the beginning of 2011 in the state Texas. Good week, and good luck.


Marine Decremps

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