Toulouse dominates the South

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It was a great classic, the Biarritz olympic met the stade toulousain in European rugby cup,on Sunday at 17:30 p.m. The two French teams are in the greatest of Europe, but just one team can continue after this quarterfinale in San-Sebastian stadium. The scenario of the match was of quality, it was the once that we want. The first period was one way , Toulouse wins at the halftime with seventeen points to nothing. Everybody thoughts that the match was also ending, but the second period was opposed to the first. No without difficulties, the biarros egalize at the score just behind the end of the regulatory time. After a first time of prolongation the score was ever uncertain. But two minutes before the end of the game and the penalty sequence, after a good block of Yannick Nyanga that one point the decisive try. The tension in the stadium was palpable during the 100 minutes of game.The final score is 27 at 20 to Toulouse. This match is one of the most tensed that we can saw since many years.

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