Universities : barriers begin to be lifted.

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Money, study, go!


 Everyone has the right to education. Even the poorest pupils. And they want to assert this right.

Thus, the English poorest backgrounds miss out more and more in University.This is encouraging and serves as an example.

Even if the tuition fees can be a barrier for the destitute students, nowadays they mix with elites who are accustomed to university.


Yet the issue of financing arises: tuition fees represent the savings of a lifetime. It is a huge sacrifice.

However, it is a necessary sacrifice, a sort of investments for the poorest families. Indeed sending their children to college is an opportunity to succeed and find a good job later. But if everyone has an opportunity, the financial effort must be unfortunately done anyway and should be well to admit the effort is significant.



You're an immigrant! No problem come study!!!


In an other way, in California immigrant students are helped by Justice.Indeed, the price of American university can't be the only diffuculty for poor students: there is the imigration problem!!

So, the Californian Courts decides to support illegal immigrant students to give one chance to success studies!

Then, we can read in the New-York Times that since Monday illegal immigrant students can be « eligible for the same reduced tuition at public colleges and universities as legal residents » of the United States of America.

Moreover, nine states as California have adopted a similar law. So the USA are on a good way to integrate immigrant students.



To conclude if you are poor and an illegal immigrant, you can study in a lot of States in the USA and Great Britain!!





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