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When Timothy Adams meets Eve.



The American army veteran Thimothy Adams, a Houston security guard was arrester in 2002 for killing his 19month child after arguing with his wife Emma Adams. Her leaving was the cause of this arguing which lead to the death of the child. The reason of the death come from the two bullets which Timothy shoot into his child's breast.


This man who joined the army in 1986 was stationned in Germany. He had his first son, then he married Emma Adams in 2000 ans had his second soon in 2001. During this time, he was working for ACSS security in Houston.


He was condamned to death penalty using lethal injection. His attorney and his familly tried to convert his sentence into lifetime jail without parole. Jurors, said it was the most emotional experience of their lives because of the sentence.


Rebecca Hayes said it was difficult because he was known as being a hard worker and a good believer. That's why he spent his 9 years in death row thinking about the murder he made.


But after fighting till the Supreme court, and a petition wasn't able to change the decision which lead Timhothy into death the 22nd February 2011. This 42 old man refused to make a final statement and ignored his wife 's familly.


This is the 2nd execution which occurs in the USA and more particulary in Texas. We can notice that last year Texas was unable to kill anyone beacause of lack of lethal product for their prisonners at the end of the year. But nevertheless the death toll was 17 for 2010 and 29 for 2009.



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