What an upheaval !

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They were four journalists on that day and the topic they had to deal with was ...Contestation and people's movements. Several reactions towards this subject : enthusiasm because it's in the news at the moment, lost because some didn't know what to start with...Fed up for one who showed it openly and promised to say why he was crossed.

On my side, these events were sudden but not really surprising. Let's go back to the past : turists in Tunisia or Egypt were happy to go there because of the low cost of the stay. Jobs were created thanks to a turistic industry only showing the right side of the postcard. On the back side of it, the population is still looking for a better life. The happy few are an elite. We can see it today with the Ben Alis' who left their country with a fortune. These countries are beautiful and they have a real identity. Nevertheless, they need to improve the living conditions of a majority to be able to show their beauties again and welcome the foreigners.

When you decide to start the revolution and get into the circle of contestation, you take the risk to endanger your close relatives, your friends, your neighbours....The old system was there and a new one will be difficult to set up. Anyway, it is important to underline that these populations were not just starving with food but they were angry with welfare and better living conditions. They were allowed to study, why don't they have a decent job?

Now on, we are not able to say what's going to happen, the only thing we should remember is that we you want ...You can ...


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