What kind of Christmas song?

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How can you define a Christmas song? Of course, if you hear « Christmas song! » you will probably sing aloud with your family « WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS BLABLAGNAGNA » or « JINGLE BELS JINGLE BELLS OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH I DON'T KNOW THE RIGHT LYRICS BLABLABLABLABLA YEAH! » Well...

You don't need to search these classics if you want to be truly in the spirit of Christmas. Okay, sometimes it's quite funny, to open your door and see little children who are willing to be future Justin Bieber singing “Silent night... Holy night...” But if you want to show that your open-minded, or eclectic or... Antisocial (Of course it depends how you see the whole thing). Make your brain work, and your eyes, and your ears! Go and find some originality!

What about some Halford by example? Do you know Halford? Well to explain briefly, he is the singer of the heavy metal band Judas Priest, who made Christmas songs last year.

Actually, he made an album called Winter Songs where you were able to hear some classic Christmas songs turned into metal, which is quite a funny idea in fact... Well, to be honest, this album sucks a little, according to the critics. BUT Wait a minute, don't go away, stay here! This album is THE originality you were looking for, and do you know why? Because you can make it wonderful! For example, if you see a child, with his friends holding a little candle in their arms... You will feel full pleasure by putting the Winter Songs CD, in your stereo and pulling the volume at the maximum! If you are lucky, these children will escape by shouting more than they shout usually at Halloween when you want to kill them if they ask you for candies. If you are unlucky, the children will be deaf, and their parents will complain about you.

Well, Winter Songs by Halford is an example among others. In another way, if you are someone who likes to ruin his life, by living in the dance clubs by night, and if you've got no family and friends to be with by the Christmas night, you will probably go to that dance club located in a dark alley with strange people dressed in pink... Anyway, the thing is, that we can also hear techno songs used for Christmas party... Yes, I'm serious TECHNO SONGS! Imagine some gorill.... persons who are dancing like they have never dance before when they hear a bell sample repeating like 2165651 times with 355 beat per minute...

As we say, all the tastes that Nature provides. So in the end, if you want to spend nice holidays, a sweet Christmas, and you want to hear other stuff than “We wish you...” and “Jingle bells” well just take our advice and just do what we told to you in this article!!!!!


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