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The Ivorian and Lybian conflicts, part of our chaos.


What's new in our world ? That's the question we all have in mind. Most of people read the news papers, watch TV, listen to the radio to know what's happening in Libya or in Ivory Coast. But do we realize what we are reading, watching or listening to ? The Ivory Coast just got rid of Laurent Gbagbo after four months of standoff while Muammar Qaddafi is still fighting against Lybian people and using civilians not to be attacked by the delegations of NATO. We all know about those conflicts but it's like we don't realize what it involves. Our society is used to death, violence, crime, murder, ... Doesn't mean we support it, but it's part of world and of our life. Nowadays it's seems to be normal, natural to attend that kind of event. If we know about it, it's seems that we're not conscious of it, 'cause if we were, we would wonder every second, every minute : « Is this the world ? Our world ? Really ?». But it's not the case. In the morning we just take a look at the Ivorian situation or the Libyan mass murder and obscure it untill the next news bulletin. So we may wonder why we want to heard about the world's news, why we are looking for information everyday. Maybe because we don't want to be alone in the chaos we have created through the years, our chaos, our world.http://kobason.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/gbagbo-kadhafi.jpg


The kettle.

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