What will the world become without contestation?

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Contestation, part of past, part of present and probably part of future.


Protest. Something you do to show publicy that you think that something is wrong and unfair. « Words or actions that show that you do not want someone to do something or that you dislike something very much ». These are the definitions of the verb you can read in the dictionary.

There are so many words to describe that action : dissent, complaint, opposition. But do we ever wonder the real meaning and impact of that word ? Do we really understand the power of protesting?


Nowadays, I think that a lot of people don't remember that our societies have been built and are what they are because of protestations. The French Revolution, The Independance War, The Algerian War and many other conflicts led to the founding of countries. In some cases, it also led to the creation of countries' constitutions that are still be applied as in the United States.


In my opinion, protestation is something really important. When something is wrong it's our duty to say it and to show it to the world. It might be hard and complicated to make your voice heard but silence lead to abuses, persecussions and so much more.

I think that to solve some international issues people have to protest because it's the only thing which makes people react. It seems that the disorder of societies is the only way of talking about those questions.


For exemple, the Tunisian protest opened the world's eyes. Nobody seemed to be aware of the Tunisian population's problems. It was like all the foreign politicians suddenly discovered that Ben Ali's regime was a real dictatorship.

It's pretty the same with the human rights issue during the Olympic Games in China in 2008. A big event put the light on the country and then everybody was concerned and was denouncing the persecussions of the Tibetan people.


It's like governments need to be urged by protestations or violent social crisis to act and react. So what would the world become without contestation?


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