When everything goes wrong...Mr President is ok!

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What is more natural than to take a vacation? What is more natural for our dear Mr president than


going on vacation in Cap Negre?

And above all, what more natural than going with his two most useful objects that make his pride ?

In all sincerity I can clearly see the usefulness of a pair of Ray Ban when we go to the Cap Negro,


but on the edge of the Mediterranea is a Carla very necessary? It increases the bag more than


anything else, doesn't it?


Precisely, Carla in a vacation what is the point?

To gild the pill, strutting along the beach and above all to rest because casually be first lady of


France that blurred complexion. Carry a tune and play the actress is so complicated that one


time the body does not follow.


I know two persons that will make envy when they return with their tan! At the same


time except their tanned complexion and good looks there is not much to envy . A captain who


leaves his boat sank in the middle does not sound very heroic.Well do not talk about things that


angry is known that spoil the holidays and it is not the spirit. I've always had that vacation property


but the return to reality is always difficult: we know that pertinant coming home, Will there a stack


of bills before us wisely.


     Just hope that before leaving on vacation, Mr. President and his Spouse well have paid all


the bills ....

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