Why Change?

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It gets me mad... EVERY YEAR, the same damn questions and the same damn lyrics « What's new this year? »; « Did you took good resolutions for this year? » « This year will be your year my friend! » « Oh yeah, a new year, I will do anything to be better than last year! »

Oh really? Really? REALLY? Reaaaally?

Why do we have to change? We know exactyl that it will does NOT happen. In fact, you will stay the same, and you know what? Hey! News flash! It appears that this year will probably get worse than last year.

But, fortunately I know everything (yes it is true). And I know how you think.

You're probably thinking « Oh, this year, I hope that... » STOP! Never hope, never! Because by the hope you will obtain nothing but a disappointement. For example last year, how many french hoped that France will go to the final at the 2010 World Cup? How many persons had a goal that they finally don't get, due to their laziness, or their lack of will. And the thing that gets me more and more angry, is those wishes, that never comes, because you can't control them. I hope a lot of things for this year, for example, that a tennis man will finally be able to win a Grand Slam, or that my favourite bands have a gig in the Zenith of Toulouse. But I know that nothing of all of this will happen, and I can't do anything to make things happen.

And so, what's next? The same boring things. Working hard for your studies, spending money, suffer the same annoying hit song of the summer, Justin Bieber...

As the year goes by, we always aske the same question: « What will you change? » and the people are never satisfied when the last days of December come. Because they are especially focusing on what they would have wanted to change during the past. For me it is clear, I would have changed the death of Ronnie James Dio, the most unfair death of the year.

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