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What can you wear this month to stay beautiful and trendy, by seeing winter coming?


First advice, when you feel it's cold outside, please, be merciful ladies, get DRESSED!

In winter, no more skirts, no more shorts, it's such a turn – off.


Indead, you can look gorgeous just taking inspiration from the last dominant trend of FUR. See Blake Lively, Nikki Hilton or Madonna... As a matter of fact, this is a real come back to the fashion

mid-century basics. Gloria Swanson or Rita Hayworth who used to be well-known fashion icons, are back in trends. No need to search too far, just go to H&M, and check out the new collections made by Lanvin (very cheap, by the way).


Then, about colors. Just keep this word in mind: PASTEL. Try to use grey, beige, salmon-pink or blue sky as usual as possible in your wardrobe.


Icing on the cake, LOW BOOTS! You're lucky girls because fortunately a lot a brands are creating these kinds of boots.


Concerning accesories, let's not forget that hats, gloves and scarves are still on the highlights. I hope we are not teaching you the basics, or the necessities against cold...


If you finally don't know what to wear this winter, just have a look at Karl Lagerfeld's website, I'm pretty sure you'll be keen on this.



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