The bulldozer is back!!

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                                                  Tiki Barber.


    The famous running-back Tiki Barber could be back in the NFL! Indeed, he annouced this monday (the 11 st of April) his come back. He retired four years ago at the age of 32 . So he has just cancelled his paper which justify his retirement. But his former club, New York's Giant, doesn't want to accept him again. Yet his contract with the New-York Giants is still valid. So Tiki will be a free agent.

    These news are incredible because Tiki Barber played for the Giants for ten seasons! He was the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2005! At the top of his carreer, the number 27 has been selected for the Pro Bowl: three times. So we hope that Tiki Barber will find a club after four years wihtout football.

    So the Bulldozer has to be strong to integrate a new club because of his age : 36 !

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