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A new hope...


This is the end, 2010 is dead. This year was great, and I'm sure we all had great moment in 2010, but I would like to forget some part of this years, and I jsut hope things wont repeat again. I hope for 2011 that some stuff won't appear again.


That's why i hope for all of us that in 2011 there will be no more BP catastrophy, and no more stupid and unsensitive managers just saying "sorry it's a big ecological catastrophy but it was not our intention", you did wrong accept it and assume it !


I hope that the Greek gouvernement and other country won't mislead their counts to look healthy, if you have bancrupsy, admit it and try to solve it, it helps to be honnest ! And at least the Greek people will pay for the country, you only have you eyes to cry now.


I hope that compagnies will tend into improving existing products instead of creating new needs, for example Ipad. We still need so much stuff and we run in a race of consuption, so why create new need ? Just make computers, buildings, and way of life better instead of keeping ourself wanting to have another life !


I hope that banks, like Greek administration, will be good boy this year and wont try to make mistakes and ask for money after. Goldman and Sachs, you are pityfull in making big mistake and asking for money to solve it. You always try to find a way to make more money, change law and abuse the whole world, and now you complain ? Stop being child ! You play you loose, that all, assume it !


So let's all get positive for 2011, mature and let's stop trying to fuck up people thinking it's legit because you have power. Let's have a more responsible world, a world were people could act like adults and love their neighbour, but this is just a dream i think, i will have to wake up one day...


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